Tier on Tier Shutters Stockton

Imagine shutters that could give you ultimate flexibility in light control and privacy, with effortless style that fits your vision perfectly…

That’s exactly what Instyle Shutters are designed to do. They look and feel just like full height plantation shutters, but they have two separate panels – one on top of the other – that each function independently.

The beauty of this design is that you’re able to enjoy light flooding in through the top panels when open, whilst comfortably controlling privacy by leaving the lower panels closed. Opening the top panels echoes the look of café style shutters, whilst resembling the appearance of full height when shut.

Ultimate versatility with tier-on-tier shutters

For bathrooms and bedrooms, the places where you need a bit of privacy at all hours, the ability to move panels and louvres independently could be just what you’re after.

The tier-on-tier style is ideal for blocking out light as well as unwanted attention, top or bottom, day or night.

If you’re looking to emphasise a beautiful Victorian sash window, tier-on-tier shutters help complete the look and provide easy access to open or close your windows.

We know that when approaching a home improvement project, you will already have a look in your mind, and at Instyle, we are here to help you realise that vision. Available in all six of our materials, from our popular MDF through to beautiful hardwood, full height shutters are designed to reflect your own individual tastes.

One of  most popular style of shutter, the wide range of colour choices, frame types and accessories, means that Tier on Tier shutters provide the difference between ‘just about right’ and ‘just the way you want it’. Having shutters that are crafted just for you means having window coverings that reflect your design choices, rather than having to change your style to fit the product


Key Features:

  • Two levels of shutter panels for maximum flexibility
  • Great for controlling the light
  • Provides privacy throughout the day
  • Stylish and practical

Suitable for:

  • Sash windows
  • Bay windows
  • Living rooms that experience strong sunlight
  • Ground floor properties that require more privacy