Cafe Style Shutters Stockton

Picture infusing your home with a dash of continental chic by incorporating sleek shutters that exclusively cover the lower section of your windows.

This is precisely where Instyle cafe-style window shutters excel. They allow you to create a striking and stylish focal point with your windows while also gaining extra space in the process.

Envision a solution where the top half of your window allows ample natural light to pour in while you make a striking design statement below. Café-style shutters offer not only a beautiful embodiment of taste and style but also a clever and practical means to prevent unwanted views from the outside.

These shutters are perfect for living rooms and kitchens that face the street, providing a blend of bright sunlight and complete privacy. They’re an excellent choice for preserving the authentic charm of Victorian properties but also seamlessly complement contemporary decor, adding a touch of curb appeal to any home.

What sets café-style shutters apart from our full-height plantation shutters is that they exclusively cover the lower portion of your windows. This means you can relish the comforting warmth of the summer sun filling your home while maintaining the added privacy these shutters offer.

If you aim to highlight the existing features of your windows, like stained glass, café-style shutters are the perfect choice. Their partial coverage is ideal for this purpose, and they also offer convenient access for operating classic wooden sash windows, making them a versatile and practical option.


Key Features:

  • Privacy at eye level
  • Accentuate window features
  • Let in natural light at the top of a window
  • Great look for bay windows
  • Option to match with curtains or blinds

Suitable for:

  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Homes by pavements and roads requiring extra privacy
  • Coupling with existing curtains or blinds in bedrooms