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Roller Blinds


Roller blinds are both stylish and practical window coverings, capable of becoming a striking focal point in your home.

The Instyle Window Roller Blinds collection presents a wide array of fabric blinds that can truly revamp any room. It encompasses high-end, lustrous weaves and textures, as well as prints that span from bold and eye-catching to tastefully simple. For those seeking extra privacy, we offer a selection of effective blockout blinds. Additionally, our collection extends to bathrooms and kitchens, with moisture-resistant fabrics that are treated with Ultra-Fresh*, ensuring durability and freshness in these specific environments.

Maintain the sleek and streamlined look of your blinds by adding one of our cassettes and bottom bars that perfectly match your interior and fabric selection.

For the ultimate in luxury and style, consider motorizing your roller blinds with Instyle’s one-touch rechargeable motors, combining convenience and elegance for your window treatments.

Features & Benefits:

Stunning Roller Blind Fabric Designs: Our collection boasts a wide array of captivating roller blind fabric designs that can enhance the visual appeal of your space. These designs are sure to cater to various aesthetic preferences.

Tremendous Collection of Colors: You have a vast spectrum of colors to choose from, allowing you to perfectly match your roller blinds with your interior decor. This extensive color range ensures you’ll find the ideal shade for your needs.

Energy-Saving Roller Blind Fabrics: Some of our roller blind fabrics are designed to contribute to energy savings. They can help regulate the temperature in your space, potentially reducing your energy consumption and costs.

Motorization Options: You also have the option to motorize these roller blinds, providing convenience and ease of operation. Motorization adds a touch of modernity to your window treatments, making them both stylish and practical.