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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your lifetime guarantee cover?

The inStyle no quibble lifetime guarantee covers any faulty component parts and any potential workmanship issues, our guarantee covers a comprehensive 5 year on site repair or remove repair and replace service, after the 5 year period all we ask is that you to simply pop the faulty blind in a tube and post it back to us for a full service overhaul and a completely free of charge repair, in the unlikely event that you require a service call after the 5 year period and we are driving past your door we will gladly drop in and generally resolve any issues there and then ( excludes normal wear and tear and wild party’s ! )

Will my new conservatory blinds need any cleaning or maintenance?

All modern roof and window blind fabrics have built in antistatic quality’s that help to repel dust build up which means your new blinds will need very little maintenance – an occasional run over the blind with a feather duster will be all that is needed to keep your blinds in tip top condition for the long term and an occasional wipe along the roof blind guide wires with a cloth coated in furniture polish will keep your blinds running and operating smoothly – this is something we would recommend doing every 12/24 months to ensure smooth and trouble free operation of your quality roof window blinds.

I have been told that conservatory roof blinds are only available in blackout materials – I don’t want to make my rooms dark.

Roof blind fabrics are available in a multitude of styles and designs and more importantly they are available in a wide range of density’s and solar reflective quality’s – from full blackout and dim out options to the most popular light filtering translucent fabrics with impressive solar reflectance values these help enormously to give you year round comfort and use ability in your conservatory.

Not all conservatory’s have the same issues with heat and glare – some have polycarbonate roofs some have glass and some face south or north etc etc etc, if you are dealing with a specialist conservatory roof and window blind company they will know from experience what is best for you and how important it is to give you the customer the best advice possible on how to control the heat and glare in your conservatory and which fabric style will be best suited for your particular conservatory style and position.

I have some very awkward looking shapes and angles in my conservatory roof, is it possible to manufacture and install your roof blinds to them?

There is always a professional solution to the multitude of angles and shapes found in conservatory roofs be it timber framed – upvc or aluminium – a specialist conservatory roof blind company will have come across at some point every size and shape of roof panel imaginable and will have a solution to install blinds to it, typically once an order is confirmed the whole process and how the installation is going to be carried out will be discussed in fine detail during the survey.

Are you the actual manufacturer or are you a middle man who buys the blinds in from another source?

Yes we are the main manufacturer and have full control over the quality of our products and the production process – as with most UK companies the only product we do not manufacture is plantation shutters which are almost 100% supplied direct from Indonesia to all UK and European companies, we manufacture every other product we offer from raw components which gives you the customer the best possible deal and price available with a unbeatable and confident lifetime guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

Do inStyle Blinds survey and install there own work or do you use outside sources and sub contractors?

inStyle Blinds never use sub contractors or short term outside sources to carry out any installations or surveys all of our surveyors and installers are in house staff paid directly from the business and have undergone a quality and rigorous training schedule to be 110% competent with each and every product that we manufacture and install, in most cases our surveyors and installers have typically been involved in the window blind industry for many years, training of new installers will occasionally involve being on site during a regular installation with a fully qualified team of installers

If i ordered the conservatory roof and the side window blinds together would i save any money for a full order?

At Instyle we have a completely open- flexible and honest approach to pricing and are more than happy to offer a discount against a complete installation ( unlike most of the other larger companies out there offering exactly the same product and services as Instyle but operate through heavily commissioned sale man who will typically quote you with a hugely inflated price and then keep dropping the price through various salesman tactics ) sales tactics that we firmly disapprove of we will quote you a genuine price that is reflected purely on the complexity of the work involved, in most cases we can even quote you a price over the phone based on the floor size of your conservatory.

Will any of my personal information ever be sold or used for any other reason than the purchase of blinds from inStyle?

We never use or sell any bank details or personal information to any outside organisations whatsoever other than for the sole reason we would have those details – which is for our customers to purchase our products. all Barclay’s card machines we operate for transactions are fully encrypted with the latest security codes and devices offering 100% security against any fraud and theft risks.

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